Happy International Woman's Day

“International Woman’s Day: A Woman is a Symbol of Power-Celebrate Power, Celebrate Her”

“A Woman is a Symbol of Power-Celebrate Power, Celebrate Her”

Happy International Woman's Day
Happy International Woman’s Day 2019   #BalanceforBetter

A female is like a Living Mountain.

She possesses all the spirits that a mountain has. It’s up to her to reveal the right spirits of her persona to the world. While she has a unique stillness, calmness and the beauty as that of an alp, she should not overlook that she has also been gifted with the strength and rejuvenating energy that a mountain embraces. It’s not easy for anyone to move a mountain from its roots while it’s very easy for a mountain to move many.

Have your feet steady like an alp and move towards goals while not letting any hurdle lose your balance. Every goal or dream is a different peak that you have to attain. Once you attain that peak while keeping your roots stronger, the view from the mountain peak looks so striking. That view is none other than your achieved goal that you have set for yourself. Keep Going No matter what. Stay strong and don’t stop in spite of anyone or anything that tries to stand in your way.

Inspirational Quote of the Month: Women Empowerment

Confidence is Contagious!

It’s vital for a woman to build her self-confidence in order to bring her better version to the world. Surrounding yourself with women who are positive and believe in themselves is a simple way to strengthen your mind and boost your self-confidence. Stop spending time with those that set the bar low in life. Stop the company of those who just moan and complain. Queens uplift other queens. So, the more time a woman spends with a woman empowered with positive thoughts, she finds a positive change in her outlook.

Once you start-focusing on building the positive thoughts, find yourself with the right set of people, you start to feel empowered with a boosted ‘self-confidence’. Your way of perceiving life would change and you would love yourself more. Once you start loving yourself inside-out, you start enjoying life and appreciate it more.

So, Love yourself first before loving anyone else. Once you start to value yourself, your worth in the society would follow.


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