About Myself

About Me

Hello, amazing readers! I’m Mani Mukhija, and a heartfelt welcome to my food blog. My culinary voyage took root in the dynamic “Queen City,”
Charlotte, where the blog first came to life. It flourished during my
time in Canada, and after four enriching years, I returned to
Charlotte, the place where it all began.

Having experienced a nomadic lifestyle, traversing diverse countries like Denmark, the United States, Mexico, and Canada, has offered a beautiful perspective on life and exposed me to a myriad of enticing cuisines. Thank you for joining me on this flavorful journey!

By profession, I navigate the realm of IT Product Management, and my personal life is adorned by the roles of a devoted wife and proud mother to two enchanting girls—all under the grace of God. As I’ve traversed various countries, the rich culinary vibes from across the globe have ignited my passion for trying new recipes. Currently calling Charlotte home, this city’s energy and culture contribute to the vibrant mix of flavors you’ll find on my blog.

In addition to my professional growth, blogging has opened a new chapter in my life, serving as both a creative escape and a platform to share my culinary escapades. Beyond being an IT professional, I’m an eggy-vegetarian, a food-stylist, and a freelance writer. Within the confines of this blog, I dedicate my free time to my true passions: writing and cooking.

My love for food knows no bounds, and I draw inspiration not only from my mom, but also from the culinary traditions of the countries I’ve called home. Hosting friends and experimenting in the kitchen bring me immense joy, and I love infusing my recipes with insights gleaned from my extensive travels.

The name of my blog, “Ginger-it-up,” mirrors my philosophy of life—to add zest, make things happen, and relish every moment. While the blog predominantly celebrates the joy of food, it also delves into broader aspects of life, happiness, well-being, parenting, and societal issues. I encourage you to share your thoughts and write-ups on these diverse topics; I would be delighted to feature them on my website.

Join me in the pursuit of Taste, Health, and Happiness. Let’s Ginger-it-up together and rekindle our cravings for both delightful food and boundless joy.

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