Rotimatic - Roti Maker Review

Rotimatic-The Roti Robot Review

Rotimatic-The Roti Robot
Wonder how can a Roti Robot become the lifeline of a household


Rotimatic - Roti Maker Review

When a kitchen gadget becomes your lifeline in no time, it’s ethical to share the greatness and spread the love with the world. Roti-Robot has become my favorite among all the gadgets I have owned so far. You have to read more to know the reasons behind my opening statements.

What is a Roti
For those who are new to the term ‘Roti’, here’s a little history behind it.
‘Roti’ is a round flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent made from stoneground wholemeal flour, and water that is combined into a dough. Other than India, Roti is also consumed in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Somalia, Singapore, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh. Like breads around the world, roti is a staple accompaniment to other foods in Indian cuisine, specially a side to main-course Indian dishes.

In fact, no meal in India is complete without a side of this quintessential flatbread called ‘Roti’ which is not only healthy but delicious to a point that if you ever tasted the roti for the first time, you will carry the taste and texture of each bite for your entire life.

Rotimatic (Roti-Robot) vs. Food-blogger (that’s me)
I have hosted a couple of get-togethers where my friends wanted to experience Rotimatic from demo to tasting. Needless to say, Rotimatic was one of the most discussed topics among all those conversations. Being a food blogger, when I used to host friends earlier, all the praising used to be around my recipes, presentation and hospitality. Suddenly after Rotimatic became a part of my family, the taste of starters, salads, soups, main-course and desserts remained the same. However, what changed was the subject of admiration. It was now “Rotimatic”.

Rotimatic Review
Rotimatic- A great product from Zimplistic

This smart Roti Robot has won everyone’s heart among my friends & family and won awesome reviews and feedback from them. During one of the recent get-togethers that I hosted, one of the comments from a friend was that “This is a proud feeling to see a product like Rotimatic being devised and of course proud of the brain behind the product”. Being said that, I can’t resist myself from writing and sharing the review of this great product with my blog readers.

Rotimatic Review:
A product that absolutely brings Convenience & Health to the family

To be very honest, I am super passionate about cooking nutritious food for my family. What I didn’t use to like was the roti making process. The process itself is too monotonous and tiring. Though, Rotis in an Indian household are the simplest to be served along with main course, it’s one of the tricky dishes to make when it comes to shape, size, texture and softness. With both my husband and I doing full-time jobs and returning home late and then picking kids from the aftercare was in itself too hectic. On top of that, performing chores and then making Rotis for dinner was another challenge. Most of the times, I didn’t even have energy and patience left to make rotis. Consequently, we either preferred to eat outside in a restaurant or open a pack of frozen Rotis. Both the options were equally unhealthy and pricey as we eat Roti as our staple diet for the supper.

However, now after becoming the product owner, I am proud to say that frozen rotis have no place in our fridge and restaurants trips have reduced from being ‘frequent’ to ‘occasional’. I have been using my Rotimatic for almost 4 months now and enjoying every fresh Roti that it makes. Super convenient and easy to be operated that even my girls aged 9 & 4 love to operate the Roti-Robot and enjoy watching the process LIVE.

Rotimatic Video:

Price of Rotimatic
My husband and I both believe that time is money in today’s fast-paced world where along with fighting the professional competition, you have to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Without maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you are not doing any justice to the income you are bringing home. Most of the people complain about not getting enough time to exercise or to meditate or to walk. Investing in great products like Rotimatic can be a smart decision in those situations which saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to worry about any initial preparations for making your flatbread. You can instead use that time for yourself without complaining about 30-minutes being spent in making Rotis for the family.

So, it’s the perspective and your priorities that are pricier over Rotimatic. IF I have to comment on the price of Rotimatic, I would just say “Yes, it’s expensive for a bread making machine, but it’s not just any bread, Roti is a speciality bread which is not only tricky but needs a lot of experience and patience to cook before you can get to eat your ‘Just Perfectly Puffed Roti’ !”

Also, a pack of 10 frozen rotis cost around 5 USD, and on an average, I was using around 8-10 packs when I couldn’t make rotis at home. The monthly expense for eating preservative-loaded frozen rotis for my family was 40 to 50 USD on an average. And if, we had to eat at a restaurant(because I was too tired and couldn’t make fresh rotis), the cost of one trip on an average used to be 35 USD to 50 USD for a family of 4 depending upon which place and cuisine we eat on that day. Clearly, the inability to make fresh rotis at home due to various reasons costed us a lot both money-wise and health-wise. In a nutshell, convenience and health are the two main factors anyone should take into account when investing in Rotimatic.

A great product to invest for your family’s convenience, time-saving and a healthy lifestyle.

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