Advantages of Quick and Convenient Meals

Advantages of Quick and Convenient Meals

Advantages of Quick and Convenient Meals

Advantages of Quick and Convenient Meals

It’s a fast-moving world we live in. With time seemingly racing faster than light itself, it’s very natural to find yourself on your toes most of the time. We are surrounded by deadlines for all kinds of things, from a visit to the vet for your beloved dog to that presentation you were supposed to get done by yesterday. We are inevitably doomed by this jet speed lifestyle and naturally, we prioritize our tasks leaving some of them only to be done hastily later on in the day. And when it comes to ditching things to meet deadlines for crucial work, food sadly is the first on the list of things to be conveniently delayed. Food, the stuff which keeps us alive, the stuff we work for in the first place.

Ever skipped a meal because you were running late for something? Does this happen very often?

It’s quite a troubling trend of deprioritizing such an essential process of survival.

Our body needs timely nourishment, something which is subtly neglected by most of us.

But it is not necessary to load your belly with the cheese stuffed cholesterol bombs served just around any corner of the street. There are a few things which you can make in the nick of time and which may even boost your health opposed to the metabolic torture you make your body cells go through as they relentlessly try to digest the liquid cheese you dipped your fries in.

In fact there are too many things you can make within minutes which fall on the healthier side of the spectrum of consumables. All you need to do is store some ingredients and spare a few minutes.
This will not only get you moving quick, but also provide your body the nourishment which you mercilessly devoid it from.

Getting late for office? No time to make a delicious looking French breakfast?
Why not go for the humble oats? Apart from being cooked in no-time, it also gives you the much needed replenishment which your body longs for, without the damage done by burgers and fries.
You can also go for a home-made salad. It gives you most of the essentials you need with hardly any time invested. Just throw in some chopped veggies and you are good to go.
Salads are not just a recipe lately. They are a whole genre of food by themselves. There are millions of types of salads you can make. They are all quick and easy and you can add in sauces or spices to make it appetizing enough for your taste buds to accept. Raw veggies are always very rich in nutrients compared to their cooked counterparts.

When it comes to a quick and healthy meal on the go, probably the most esteemed position should be reserved for the bunch of veggies enclosed between thick sliced sheets of processed wheat flour.

Yes, the sandwich. Our good old sandwich gives us vegetables which have proteins, vitamins and minerals, and the bread which gives us our carbs from wheat along with some healthy fat from a slice of cheese. This too, hardly takes any time to make and is undoubtedly a very healthy and balanced meal to have. Nothing like a sandwich with some raw veggies. If you turn to You Tube for some quick, healthy and tasty recipes for sandwiches, you will definitely find your fit.

Quick meals are mostly raw and raw food (fruits and veggies) is quite healthy.
Eggs are also in the game for their nutrient value to the ease of preparation.
There are a number of quick delicacies you can pull off with eggs. Eggs are a strong source of proteins and fats. Eggs also give you vitamin D, B6, B12, copper, iron and zinc. Read more..

They are nutritious, cheap and fast. You can make numerous under-5-minutes dishes using eggs with other ingredients. A little creativity put in, and you can start making new recipes. Eggs can be boiled, turned to omelets, and played around in many other ways.

When it comes to quick meals, there is no moving forth without inviting dry fruits and nuts on board.
These little energy bombs are densely loaded with proteins, fats and other vital nutrients. The best part is they do not need any preparation or time. It’s common for many people to keep dry-fruits around and pop some out every time they feel hungry. They crunch hunger in no-time. They are just like a pocket meal. They have tremendous health benefits and they deserve a whole article of their own. Ref..

So as we can see there are literally millions of things out there that you can make within minutes and a significant proportion of them are quite nutritious and healthy. They save our time, whose importance is always understated. Quick meals are usually, and to most extent, raw foods, which are good for digestion, nourishment and psychological balance. So the next time you’re in a hurry, grab yourself one of these quick and healthy snacks.

This is a guest post written and contributed by Gene Moore.

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