Second Blog Anniversary Special Edition

Ginger-it-Up:Throwback Edition|September 2017

Ginger-it-Up:Throwback Edition | September 2017

Happy 2nd Anniversary Ginger-it-Up!

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Message from the Founder

Mani Mukhija, Founder @ Ginger-it-Up
Mani Mukhija, Founder @ Ginger-it-Up

The kitchen is not just a place for cooking everyday food for my family.  I am a food enthusiast by nature. Recipes are not a simple assembly of ingredients. They articulate the stories of our lives. They reflect our tradition and emotions towards the food. Someone is emotional about having a sweet tooth while someone else is crazy about the spices and savories. Some are still carefree about the health benefits instilled within their food while many are health-conscious and every ingredient in their favorite recipe matters a lot to them.

For me, food is not just for living. I perceive food to be an experience. A well-stocked pantry is the key to making good cooking easier. I have a special list of flavors always available in my pantry that can make any of my dishes special. My special list of flavors is: Herbs ( Fresh Mint, Fresh Coriander, Rosemary & Dried Fenugreek leaves), Essential oils ( Olive oil, Coconut Oil), Sea salt & Spices( Coriander powder, Indian Garam masala, Turmeric, Red Paprika).

With these flavor blends, I create countless homemade dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients. I have created each recipe on my blog with so much love and dedication and hosted a number of family members & friends for a memorable experience. The journey of my blog started in September 2015 and I can’t believe that it has completed two successful years already with so many accolades.

Apart from writing about the recipes, I started a Rendezvous series on my blog.  With this new interview series, I tried to spotlight on people who worked in the path of living their own dreams and know what they did to achieve their visions.  I am so proud to say that this series received a huge affirmative response from the readers and I look forward to bringing more people on Rendezvous. Many of my readers got inspired from the featured guests on my Rendezvous! Thanks to each one of you for making it a success.

This year has brought further recognition & success to my blog in form of getting featured on various platforms like ‘The Huffington Post’ , ‘Practico Goods’ & winning the first place in the recipe contest organized by one of the biggest contest platform in India ‘BetterButter’. I owe this success to all the loyal readers & supporters of my blog. I couldn’t do it without your tremendous support. Each of your comment and feedback on the page motivates me to do even better.

Blog's second anniversary
Happy 2nd Anniversary Ginger-it-Up

I invited few of my special friends & loyal readers who provided their immense support with their heartfelt feedback & social shares to mark the celebration of 2nd birthday of my blog. Special thanks to Mrs. Renu Handa & Mrs. Karamjit Kaur for being a part of my celebration. It was a pleasure to host you on my blog’s 2nd milestone.

Celebrating Second Blog Anniversary with Lovely Friends & Readers
Celebrating Second Blog Anniversary with Lovely Friends & Readers


I would like to give a special token of thanks & love to my family members, my adorable kids and my loving husband. It wouldn’t have been possible to achieve this recognition without your encouragement & selfless support.

I look forward to a great next year with more new things coming up on my blog. Stay Tuned and Keep writing the feedback and sharing the stories the way you’ve always done.

Love, Mani




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