Beauty Foods: What to Eat for Healthy Hair

Beauty Foods: What to Eat for Healthy Hair

Beauty Foods: What to Eat for Healthy Hair


Beauty Foods: What to Eat for Healthy Hair
Beauty Foods: What to Eat for Healthy Hair Image Source: Pexels

I’m all about helping people get the knowledge they need to be healthy and when it comes to combining healthy eating with luscious hair the two go hand in hand. Incorporating a variety of nutrient-rich foods in your diet is without doubt one of the most important of all hair care tips for healthy hair. Pick foods that are rich in the following vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and your locks will definitely benefit.

  1. Iron and zinc

 Both iron and zinc are vital to overall hair health as they help to stimulate the follicles. If you don’t get enough iron into your system, blood supply to those follicles can be restricted and actually cause hair loss. Lean red meat, kale, broccoli and other leafy greens are all iron-rich and very much key to hair growth. Zinc is also vitally important for hair growth, so eat wholegrains, seeds and nuts for a boost. And how about this for one of the tastiest hair care tips – feel free to eat a little dark chocolate, it’s a really good source of zinc too!


Beauty Foods: What to Eat for Healthy Hair
Image Source: Pexels
  1. Vitamins A, C, and E

 All three of these vitamins play such a big part in a healthy lifestyle, and the health of your hair depends on them too:

  • Vitamin A: Without sufficient vitamin A the body can’t make enough sebum, an oily substance that helps condition the scalp and keep it moist. You’ll find a good source of it in foods like carrots and sweet potatoes
  • Vitamin C: Eating fruits like blueberries, oranges and strawberries will give your hair a strength boost. That’s because vitamin C helps collagen production, which in turn strengthens the capillaries that support hair shafts
  • Vitamin E: Almonds, avocado and spinach are among the foods rich in vitamin E, which plays a huge part in protecting hair from sun damage and promoting hair growth


Food for Healthy hair
Image Source: Pexels
  1. Omega 3

 Omega 3 is vital for hair nourishment and, since the body can’t produce it naturally, we have to take it in via foods or supplements. Nuts and seeds provide a good hit of Omega 3, and oily fish like salmon, mackerel and trout are good sources too. Incorporating this fatty acid into your diet will help keep your hair smooth and silky.


  1. Biotin

 Biotin is really important in the overall strength of your hair, and if you don’t get enough of it you run the risk of brittle strands and even hair loss. Eggs are high in this B vitamin, as are avocados, kidney beans and black-eyed peas.

I hope you’ve got a better idea now about how important the link is between what you eat and the healthiness of your hair, and that these hair care tips really can help. Just like exercise goes hand in hand with healthy eating, so does pairing these dietary tips with a regular hair care routine. Combine the two and you’ll be well on your way to having luscious locks.


This article has been written by our collaborator/guest blogger Joana Teixeira exclusively for Ginger-it-Up!

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