Rendezvous with Ginger-it-Up !

Rendezvous with Ginger-it-Up !

Rendezvous with Ginger-it-Up !

“Adapt a Right Perspective for Everyone You Meet,

Be Inspired and Be Inspiring!” ~Mani Mukhija

Life is a beautiful journey. Along this journey, we meet all types of personalities from all walks of life that guide us through in this expedition.

We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives. Those learnings and lessons are priceless. Every individual has an ability to teach something to others and learn something in exchange. It’s the perspective that matters a lot though.

Inspirational quotes by Mani Mukhija “Adapt a Right Perspective for Everyone You Meet, Be Inspired and Be Inspiring!” ~by Mani Mukhija

Insipirational Quotes By Mani Mukhija

Personal development is an ongoing process. The most effective ways to keep growing is to learn from others, people who set an example of what we can become, people who inspire us.

Real inspiring, conscious, people can make history. Think of the Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Mother Theresa. They inspired millions. While, it’s vital to get inspired from the lives of those great leaders, we should not forget that our daily lives are surrounded by the common people like us.

The people we meet at work, the friends we possess and have weekend fun with, the parents who have suddenly become an older generation for us, the siblings whom we spent the best times of our lives with, the wife who is the heart of the family, the husband who is the backbone of the household, the kids who are working hard every day to learn new things and become good citizens, and every other person we know personally is here to inspire and teach us. We just have to create that perspective towards all of these individuals.

I love being in the presence of inspiring people. They seem to radiate waves which does awaken the best part of me. If we keep taking even 1% of the learnings from their experiences, we could easily pave our way towards personal development.

Ginger-it-Up is introducing a “Rendezvous” column where I would interview people and ask them questions about their achievements and struggles. Through this post of mine, I invite anyone and everyone who is making the world a better place, to anticipate for a rendezvous with Ginger-it-Up!

Rendezvous with Ginger-it-Up! Meet people who insipre!

Rendezvous with Ginger-it-Up!

Have you ever been inspired by others? Do you have someone in mind whose life and achievements can guide you through your journey or help meet career goals?

Do you know someone who is making the world a better place? Tell us about them! We want to know what they did, and how it helped you or someone else. Please reach us through a message on our Facebook page or via our Contact-Us page on the website.

Every month, Ginger-it-Up will publish a “Face of the Month” through our “Rendezvous with Ginger-it-Up” column. So, Stay tuned, like our Facebook page and Subscribe to our newsletter for further updates.

“Life is Short, Keep Inspiring !”

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