Popped Lotus seed Pudding(Makhane ki Kheer)

Popped Lotus seed Pudding(Makhane ki Kheer)

Popped Lotus seed Pudding(Makhane ki Kheer)
Popped Lotus seed Pudding(Makhane ki Kheer) by Ginger-it-Up

Phool makhana is the name given to popped lotus seeds used in Indian cooking. It is a very popular food during the fasting.‘Makhane ki kheer’ is the most popular kheer during fasting . It is also known as foxnut. I read somewhere that foxnuts are rich in antioxidants which works as age lock system and makes us younger for much longer. Fox nuts are effective for individuals with high risk of premature ageing, premature white hair, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

These seeds have antioxidant properties and help in digestion, rejuvenates respiratory system And are good for conditions like arthritis.

Aren’t you all amazed after reading all the benefits of this miraculous seed. I wonder why is this just popular during Fasting time. We are missing the health benefits by not including this great nut in our everyday’s life. It can be added to soups and salads.

I knew that makhanas are even popular when cooked as a spicy curry but wasn’t really aware of the medicinal properties it hides within itself. The seeds can be eaten raw, roasted or ground.

Makhana can also be a snack food in our regular diet for that healthy edge. It can be a part of desserts too. So, here I share the recipe for the Makhana dessert popularly known as “Phool Makhana Kheer” and served mostly during Navratri festival as one of the fasting dishes.

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cook time : 25-30 mins
Recipe Type. : Dessert
Serves. : 6


1 litre Milk
1/4 cup makhana (puffed lotus seeds)
250 gms Low fat sweetened condensed milk
2 tsp chopped pistachios
2 tsp chopped almonds
1 tsp green cardamom powder
2 tbsp Ghee


  1. Heat the ghee in a broad non-stick pan, add the lotus seeds and sauté on a medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes or till they turn crisp.
  2. Remove from the flame, allow it to cool and blend in a mixer to a coarse powder. Keep aside.
  3. Boil the milk in a deep non-stick pan, add condensed milk, mix well and cook on a high flame for 8 to 10 minutes while stirring continuously.
  4. Reduce the flame to medium, add the coarsely crushed lotus seeds, mix well and cook for 15-20 minutes or till the milk has reduced to half, while stirring and scraping the sides of the pan occasionally.
  5. Add the green cardamom powder, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 1 more minute.
  6. Switch off the flame and allow to cool completely.
  7. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour and serve chilled garnished with pistachios.

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