It’s high time to end the term “Girl-Child” from the society!

It’s high time to end the term “Girl-Child” from the society!

Stop the term "Girl-child, Stop Female Infanticide.
Stop the term “Girl-child, Stop Female Infanticide.

Have you ever wondered why the term “Boy Child” is rarely heard while the term “Girl child” is very common in the society.

Is it because the society thinks that the boys are ‘children‘ by default and as far as girls are concerned, they have attained the status of being a ‘child’.

Isn’t it a great symbol of gender disparity?

We do not need to be reminded that boys are children, but for some reason, we are constantly reminded that girls are children.

I have heard from so many friends about their experiences of giving birth to daughters. The strange kind of reaction they got from their own families and friends. The very rejoicing news of giving birth to a daughter was not so easy to be digested.

Have you ever thought of the reasons behind such reactions from society?

You would be astonished to know that most of such behaviors and reactions came from the female members in the society than the male counterparts. So, I believe that the females passing those anti-comments have questions and doubts about their own existence.

Let me share my own story. I am a proud mom of two charming and adorable daughters. I was on cloud nine when I got to know that I was expecting. There was no bound to my happiness. Motherhood is a blessing indeed and soon I was going to experience this beautiful phase of life. Finally the day arrived. I gave birth to my first child. It was a ‘Girl’.

I still remember the first reaction of my mother-in-law when she got the news. She was on cloud nine too. She thanked God for blessing us with a daughter as they hadn’t seen a daughter in their family for so many years. She herself has three sons. She knew the value of having a grand-daughter in the family.

I must say I am very lucky to get such a family who has a great bonding towards their daughter-in-laws and treat them equally as their sons.

Not every woman in the society is as lucky in this regard. There are lots of families who torture their daughter-in-laws for giving birth to a girl. And if somehow you manage to get lucky and your in-laws accept this fact gracefully, there are other elements around you who doesn’t let you survive peacefully and keep reminding you of the orthodox mindset that exists in the society.

I bet you must have experienced this situation below once in your lifetime for sure.

We meet a lot of new people throughout our life. There are mix of all sorts: educated, less-educated, uneducated and a special category “Educated yet hold orthodox opinions”. So, when you meet this last category of people and they come to know that you are a mother of just girls, they start consoling you for no reasons. They pass comments like “Don’t worry, May GOD bless you with a Son next time”. I wonder why they even have to console. Is it a curse or a burden to have just daughters and no sons?

There are a lot of females who feel great pride because they just gave birth to sons. By taking pride in such a thing, they raise great questions about their own existence as females.

So, all my female friends reading this article, Go and tell them we are not worried if we have daughters. We are rather proud!

I have a question for the parents who have both a daughter and a son. Do your sons have an extra ability to achieve something great which your daughter doesn’t have,provided both are given equal opportunities in the family?

Most of us already know the answer. Girls are no less in anyways. There are enough historic data to prove that girls have outshined men in so many spheres. If it wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t have “Sania Mirza”,”Saina Nehwal”, “Mary Com” and many more in a country like India.

It’s quite disheartening to see that some families rejoice when the newborn child is a male and show their grief when the child is a female. Many would kill the innocent ‘to be born daughters’ in the womb just because they want a male heir to the family.

Female infanticide is sin. It is said in the Bhagwat Gita that the karma of the past catches up.  For those who have killed their daughters mercilessly they will go through the same fate.

There is no religion in the world who speaks against the birth of a daughter and gives importance only to the birth of a son.

In Hinduism, “a female is a goddess to be revered”.

In Islam, The beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) has stated that

“When a boy is born, then he brings one Noor (light) and when a girl is born, then she brings two Noors.”

In Bible, there are enough verses which show gender equality. One of those is:

Psalm 127:3-5  Behold, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

Psalm 144:12 May our sons flourish in their youth like well-nurtured plants. May our daughters be like graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace.

The world has witnessed advancements in all fields but bias against a girl child is still prevailing in so many countries across the globe. It’s high time to end the term “Girl-Child”. The sooner we understand and implement it, better it is for the future of our own daughters. Because our daughters need not be reminded that they are also children.

Daughters are a beautiful blessing from the Almighty God and should be nurtured with love and not as a burden and not with hatred. Girls are an epitome of love and affection.

Share the article if you are a proud parent of a daughter. Mothers who have just sons and no daughters, then it’s even a bigger responsibility to share because you don’t want to question your own existence of being a female. Take PRIDE to be a Female, a creator of the universe ! Share the message to the world to “STOP FEMALE INFANTICIDE!”

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