How to implement natural oils in your hair care routine

How to implement natural oils in your hair care routine

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing the products you use for your hair care are natural. Plus, if they have qualities and properties that can help your hair be healthier, and protect it, even better! Here I’ll share ways you can implement oils in your hair care routine as well as tea tree oil, argan oil and coconut oil benefits for hair.

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Getting ready to use natural oils for hair care

There are a number of ways that you can use oils like tea tree oil or coconut oil for hair. Some oils will need preparing prior to use, and your hair may also need a few care steps in advance, to ensure the oils have the best chance of doing their job properly.

  • To use coconut oil for hair care there are three steps to melt it first.
    o Pop solid coconut oil in a small bowl.
    o This is then placed into a larger bowl of boiling water. N.B. the water should not go over the side into your coconut oil or cause the small bowl to float.
    o Leave this set up until the solid coconut oil is fully melted and ready to use.
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  • Tea tree oil also needs preparing in advance. Due to its potency, before using tea tree oil it must be put into a carrier oil. Examples of these include almond oil, olive oil and jojoba.
  • To prepare your hair for using natural oils, follow these simple steps:
    o Wash your hair prior to using natural oils. A clean scalp and hair is the best base to allow the oils to do their job.
    o Use a comb after washing your hair instead of a brush, to prevent extra damage, before using oils.
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How to use oils like coconut oil for hair care

Natural oils are such versatile products, and there are so many ways that they can help you to care for your hair, keep it healthy and protect it.

  1. Oils can help treat dandruff. Dry, itchy skin can be a nuisance, but these two oils can help prevent it.
    i. Using coconut oil for hair care and treating dandruff is simple. Leave the oil on your hair and massaged into your scalp overnight. Wash it out in the morning. This moisturised your scalp helping prevent dandruff.
    ii. Tea tree oil is another great oil perfect for treating dandruff and other dry scalp conditions. All you need is a few drops in your usual shampoo and wash as normal!
  2. Oils can help to detangle your hair. There is nothing worse than struggling with dry, matted, knotty hair. Rubbing coconut oil onto the ends of your hair is a great, natural way to detangle it.
  3. Oils can tame frizzy hair. All you need is a little argan oil rubbed into the ends of your hair. This can be done on damp or dry hair, can be used every day and will make sure you’re frizz free!
  4. Oils can promote healthy scalps, and better hair growth. Using an oil like tea tree oil or coconut oil for hair care can help to unclog the pores in your scalp. The healthier your scalp, the quicker your hair is able to grow.
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Using oils like tea tree oil, argan oil and coconut oil for hair care is not only natural, and good for your hair but also super easy. I hope these tips and ideas have shown you how to implement natural oils in your hair care routine.


This article has been written & contributed by Kira Kolosova on behalf of their client Mavens of London.

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