Life is Unpredictable: The Savior is Gratitude!,How to deal with unpredictability

How Gratitude Can Help You Handle Life’s Most Unpredictable Situation?

How Gratitude Can Help You Handle Life’s Most Unpredictable Situation?

Life is Unpredictable: The Savior is Gratitude!,How to deal with unpredictability
Life is Unpredictable: The Savior is Gratitude!

 Have you ever wished you knew what the future holds for your life? Have you ever dreamed of unveiling the future? Do you get those “Will I …” thoughts? Like “Will I be rich and famous?” “Will I achieve my dreams?” “Will I get my dream life partner”? And so on …

I am sure, if there was a book called “Know your future” and that could unveil every day of your coming life that would become the “The Only Best Seller” and the “Most Sold Book” in the universe within a few hours.

The reason behind such great curiosity to know our future is to avoid unpredictability. We want to stay miles away from the world of uncertainties and wish to control our lives.

However, we don’t understand that another name for life is unpredictability. The simple definition of term ‘unpredictable’ as we all know is “Not to be foreseen or foretold”.

The unpredictability can be devastating and challenging to any extent. Some of us must have gone through struggles in the past and many must have experienced the struggling moments in the recent times. The unexpected outcomes have brought disappointment for many of us at some point in our life.

The question here is, when life goes out of control, how do we cope? How do we react to an unexpected news or an outcome? The most common reactions are:

·        Feeling miserable

·        Loosing hope

·        Cursing fate

·        Blaming others

·        Giving up on dreams

Life is packed with contrasting moments. Life is always a mix of good and bad times. Even though we all probably have dreams and goals, and plans for our lives, there are certain things we have no control over. Without experiencing the bad times, we can never appreciate the good times in a true sense. When life moves smooth, we never question our fate, we feel content and elated. However, when an unexpected difficult time comes, we start questioning our fate. Why?

The answer is that we want to keep away from the ‘Hardship’ and want to control things in the life. When things don’t go as expected, we start blaming others as a defense mechanism. This is a very common human trait. There are two options in front of us for dealing with the hardships. We can either succumb to the hard times, or rise above it to grow and move on with life.

We just have to remember that the adversities are never an obstacle to a brighter future, we ourselves are the real hurdles. We surround our minds with all the negative thoughts of the world when we face the difficult times. We never appreciate and pay gratitude towards the good times we have had. This is where we lose the track and start cursing fate.

Life is Unpredictable: The Savior is Gratitude!,How to deal with unpredictability
What you feel Now, is what you’re going to attract!

That’s the worst we could do. It is our negative reaction to the unpredictable situations that goes to the universe and brings back the miserable results. The universe is made up of energy and so is the human body. We interact with the universe in the language of Energy. The universe follows the “Law of Attraction”. The energy we emit out to the universe would bring the similar energy back to us from the universe. The attitude we embrace towards good and bad times shapes the kind of future that we want to own. Just remember that we are the creator of our own future.


Showing gratitude is the biggest key to any situation. We all get enough moments to complaint and curse but we hardly spend any moment to pay our gratitude towards our good times. When we pay gratitude, it goes to the universe and signals out our contentment. The universe has an equal reaction and thus sends results that would make us content. And when we cry in pain and curse the fate, the same negative reaction comes back from the universe in form of even more worse times. So, Next time, when you have an unpredictable situation, your reaction should be:

·        Keep calm and composed

·        Accept the defeat or bad news

·        Remain hopeful

·        Pay Gratitude to the universe for your possessions

Life is Unpredictable: The Savior is Gratitude!
GRATITUDE is the Answer to Unpredictability!

Our lives change when we end our day giving thanks for the next day. The Attitude of Gratitude is the only savior from life’s unpredictability. So, if you haven’t yet started paying gratitude for your great possessions, do it now. It’s never too late! Do you know that our most expensive phones can also help us remember the MAGIC WORD ‘GRATITUDE’? Set a reminder in your phones to snooze on a fixed time every day when you would take those few moments out to pay gratitude and recall all your dreams. Because what you send out to the universe, would come back to you as an outcome. GRATITUDE is the key to SUCCESS!

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