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5 Toxic people you should avoid and Label as ‘SPAM’

5 Toxic people you should avoid and Label as ‘SPAM’

5 Toxic people you should avoid and Label as ‘SPAM’



~Mani Mukhija



Life is a beautiful journey. Along this journey, we meet all types of personalities from all walks of life that guide us through in this expedition. Every person we meet, comes for a reason, while some are here to make us happy and feel loved and others will come to make us disappointed and teach us hard lessons. People are inherently and genetically diverse. There can nothing be as complex as human behavior. Still, each one of us needs someone around us.

We all need people in our lives to teach us things, nurture us, and help us grow or anything else that supports our personal development as a human being.  Some people come as lessons, while others as blessings. Some are here to stay, while others should leave immediately, once we’ve learned the lesson.

So, this shows that one of the most important things that makes a difference along our journey of life is the people we surround ourselves with. Whether it’s one, two or squadron-sized gang, let the people around you be the ones who are worthy of you. Good people are what great lives and successful journeys are made of. There is no need of unworthy people around us as life can be extremely positive and full of joy if they are not around.

If we start to analyze the people around us and our experience with them along our journey, we notice that there are always few toxic people who — intentionally or unintentionally — are impairing our happiness and growth. Such people can be a difficult pill to swallow. Identifying these individuals and understanding how to manage them is absolutely crucial to our wellbeing, success and happiness.

The human body has a natural mechanism of clearing out toxins from the body at regular intervals. The same way, it’s very important for the human beings to keep their social circle free of toxic people. Each one of us must be very thoughtful when choosing our tribe. In replacement of the superficial qualities most of us try to look for in friends, we must look for loyalty, consistency, reliability, honesty, and modesty above everything else.

Though it’s important to keep ourselves away from toxicity, however, it’s hard to spot if a friend is toxic in our life. Toxic people don’t carry a ‘Warning’ label with them but there are certain traits you can look for.

Here are a few types of toxic friends you might want to avoid:

1. The Judgmental:

The Judgemental People

The Judgemental People


They are the ones who have this bad habit of providing judgement on almost everything in your life. They can even make you feel terrible about your most passionate thing. They would never appreciate people who are different from them and rather would look down on others.




2. The Arrogant:

The Arrogant

The Arrogant



The ones who try to find their own defeat in other’s success and thus try to compete in each thing you do just to prove their superiority. Their life is surrounded by personal challenges to prove others low by showing that they are themselves unbeatable. Maybe they feel like your improvement exposes their own shortcomings.




3. The Friend Who Secretly Hates You:

Secret Friend Enemy

Secret Friend Enemy




This type of friend would always cheers you on with extra special happy face emoticons included. But in reality, they secretly just don’t like you nor want the best for you. They would suddenly disappear when you need them the most. Their behavior is completely inconsistent. Your intuition always recognizes them well.


4. The “Me-Me” Song Composers:


Self Praiser and Self-Obsessed



I think you probably got what I mean. The ones who always sing the “me-me’’ song! When you find a one man show running in the group conversations, one single person who keeps singing the song of their own achievements ignoring others, it’s them. Their gestures are made up to grab appreciation from everyone. Even if someone tries to talk about something else, they try to bring the conversation to come back to them with their “Me-Me” attitude.




5. Those Who Are Envious:

Envious friends

Envious friends


Those plagued with jealousy are never happy with what they have, they can’t appreciate it when others achieve or move forward. They just want all the goodness of the world to be around them and want the rest should be deprived of it.



Does any of the above traits sound familiar? If the answer is ‘YES’, you are becoming a victim of that toxic person. You are being trapped.

It’s TIME to Turn Toxic-People Spam-Filter ‘On’ to your social Circle!




Once you are able to identify these people, try to ask yourself a few questions. Does this person bring me joy? Does he/she contribute something positive to my life? Does he/she make me laugh, lift me up, and encourage me? Is he/she fun to be around? Does he/she provide a sense of home and family? If the answer is yes, treasure and hold on to them, value them and nourish the relationship. But if the answer is no…apply the Toxic people spam filter. It’s similar to your email messages. We want to keep all the desired emails to ‘Inbox’, Label the important emails to be ‘Important’ and filter/send the SPAM emails to the ‘SPAM’ folder.

Life is like a car race. A race car driver can never complete a race without his pit crew. Since no race can be won alone, we need a healthy and positive pit crew who can help us advance in the race. So, it becomes extremely important to scan through our crew members frequently and keep it filled with positivity while cutting down on the negative members from the crew.

You need to surround yourself with people who encourage you to grow and who will not be dead weight you have to carry around through life. Once you cut this type of negativity out of your life, you realize how well you can breathe again.

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  1. Shreya singla

    December 5, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    Wow, Wonderfully described the characters! I like the idea of Labelling toxic people to the SPAM filter. There’s no better place for them as they are like a silent killer if present in the life. Having experienced few of them personally,I strongly agree with each and every single word written here. Words can’t express how much I enjoyed reading this article. Thanks, Shreya!


    • Mani Mukhija

      Mani Mukhija

      December 6, 2016 at 9:14 am

      Thanks Shreya. I am sure, most of us have learnt great lessons from the people around us and are well-prepared now to handle the situations better and don’t let those souls enter our lives again.


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