Boiled Eggs Hints and Tips

Boiled Eggs Hints and Tips

Quick Reference Chart For Perfect Boiled Eggs:

Use the following cooking times as a guide for the desired firmness for the yolk of each egg size. The timing begins once the pot of eggs is removed from the heat source.

Soft-cooked (boiled) eggs:

A soft-cooked egg has a firm white and runny yolk. They’re very quick and practical.


Medium-cooked (boiled) eggs:

A medium-cooked egg has a firm white and a slightly firm yolk. On the outside, medium-boiled eggs look exactly like hard-boiled egg – the whites are tender, yet cooked and hold their shape. Once you open the egg, you see creamy golden yolks which are neither liquid nor completely solid.


Hard-cooked (boiled) eggs:

A hard-cooked egg has both a firm white and yolk. Hard-cooked eggs should never be boiled – always simmer them in water. If cooked too long, the protein toughens (becomes rubbery) and a greenish or purplish ring forms around the yolk. Refrigeration is necessary for hard cooked eggs if the eggs are not to be consumed within a few hours. Hard-cooked eggs in the shell can be refrigerated up to one week.



Egg Size Degree of Doneness Time Required
Medium Soft-cooked yolk 3 minutes
Medium-cooked yolk 5 minutes
Hard-cooked yolk 12 minutes
Large Soft-cooked yolk 4 to 5 minutes
Medium-cooked yolk 6 minutes
Hard-cooked yolk 17 minutes
Extra Large Soft-cooked yolk 5 minutes
Medium-cooked yolk 7 to 8 minutes
Hard-cooked yolk 19 minutes
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